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Meeting the Mistress

The First of Many

So after many many year of fantasizing and dreaming of being a part of that dark naughty world of BDSM and fetishism, a lifestyle I have desired to be apart of ever  since I saw my first kink magazine, which just my luck it happened to be was an edition totally dedicated to strap-on play and what today would be called pegging.

As I said I waited along time for this and wanted to sample everything, and for the most part I did. During one of my spank sessions while cruising the Web I came across an ad of a dominatrix who grabbed my attention immediately, she was a combination of sexy, gorgeous, and exotic all rolled into one incredible package of 5-4, 118 lbs wet,beautiful ivory skin, nice tight body, multicolored hair, all topped off with greatest set of 36DD breast implants and nipples you could imagine. Her nipples always seemed to be hard, you could cut diamonds with them.

I nervously dialed her number, I didn’t really think she would answer and I was caught off guard when she picked up after the third ring and I heard “den of sins”. Her name was Mistress Sinthia, Sin for short, she wasn’t shy one bit and she was quite the conversationalist, and she had a way of drawing things out of me, getting me to tell her things I have never told anyone. She knew things about me I didn’t even know, and I felt as though I had been hypnotized.

We discussed her ad and what her favorite activities were, and as she talked I could feel her taking control of me, and I liked it I wanted her to train me, know me, own me, yes as crazy as it sounds I a certain completeness from giving her control over me. I did this willingly, but if I hadn’t given up control she would have just taken it.

One of the many things that grabbed my attention in her ad was that she did “forced intoxication”, I had been sober for 10 years and wasn’t happy about it but I didn’t want to relapse, so what I decided was I wanted Mistress Sinthia to take me out with her “forced intoxication”. After talking for about an hour and half we said goodbye, and I wouldn’t have contact with her for 6 years. Don’t misunderstand me, I didn’t forget her and still want her to own me.

Just over 6 years later I was once again in a spank session on the Web, and there it was that ad that had captured my soul 6 years earlier, difference is I was more focused then ever before and would be kneeling before her in the very near future. Our previous conversation exposed that I enjoyed cross dressing, receiving anal sex (with both men and women) Sin loved strap-on, giving oral sex (with both men and women), B&D, sounds, electro stimulation was also one of her favorites, with a heavy desire to be a better slave/submissive.

When I reached out to Mistress Sinthia this time she was no longer in Southern California she was now in Las Vegas, since I traveled for work and I was currently in Vegas once or twice every couple of weeks, it seemed like a sign that I was supposed to finally meet Mistress Sin. I had seen ProDoms as well as some NonPros, I found dominant men to be very appealing as well, and I think this has more to do with my being molested at age 8 by an older male babysitter then that I am gay. I love women, all women, small ones tall ones fat ones skinny ones white ones black ones, all women.

We arranged to meet at her place in Las Vegas, she asked me if I could pick up some cigarettes and NewCastle beer, I told her I’d be more then happy to do to. I arrived 10minutes early and sipped some of my Fireball, or in this case liquid courage. I knocked several times before she finally answered the door, and I way under shot with her. I’ll tell you up front Sin is a full blown exhibitionist and is very comfortable with her body. When she open the door the only thing she had on was a bright pink mesh dress with le aped print panties underneath, I won’t lie I couldn’t take eyes off those awesome nipple which were peeking out of the holes in the mesh dress. I started growing haras soon as I laid eyes on those nipples.


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