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A letter To the Mystress

Once again my senses begin to reel. When she finally lets me breathe all I can do is gasp for 

air and the moment I do her mouth is covering mine and the smoke is rendering me 

helpless once more.  ... over and over ... I feel the razor against my skin, but all I can do 

is breathe when I am allowed and with each breath I become more disoriented and 

helpless.  I feel the razor scraping against my legs ... up to my groin ... my stomach ...

more smoke, more disoriented, my chest ... no, no, no ... not my armpits ... 

I am completely stripped and humiliated ... my captor finally pulls away, and immediately 

finding a new gag ... and open mouth spider gag ... I am too weak to fight. She ties it 

tightly in place and replaces the blindfold. 

I feel everything. An intense pressure against my chest ... a suction on my left nipple ...

suction painfully pulling my nipple ... a suction on my right nipple ... tight, tight, tighter ...

All I can do is endure... 

I feel my right leg being released from the corner of the bed ... but it is immediately 

pulled up high over my head and secured ... then my left ... high over my head and secured.

Once again I feel the razor scraping ... this time my most sensitive area ... around my 

ass and balls ... removing the last vestiges of cover I have. 

Something is pressing against my asshole ... it is pressed harder and harder into me ... 

It feels too big ... but my captor doesn't care ... it is what she wants ... it hurts, it hurts

It's in me ... 

I moan in humiliation and pain ... my legs are released and not retied ...

My arms are released from over my head and I am helped into a sitting position.

Immediately my hands are bound behind my back and I am forced to move to my 

next torture 

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