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Captive to n paradise

The electricity courses through my bowels and then my nipples get a series of electric jolts

I gasp and squirm ... only to have my body stiffen as the next charge jerks through me

The pain is relentless as I watch myself in the mirror ... squirming, moaning

unable to control my muscles contorting and relaxing ... I feel the sexual pressure mounting but there is no release ...

only more pain.

I see the liquid dripping into my already swollen balls ... they are growing and aching more with each drop.

Thankfully, the electricity stops after what seems to be an eternity ... my body gets a much-needed respite from the forced squirming that had driven me to the edge. I still feel the plug in my backside and the clips on my nipples ... but at least my body can relax a bit.

The gag fills my mouth as I watch my ball sack increase in size, drip by torturous drip. I watch as the bag slowly empties into me.

"Oh no ... this won't do at all" I hear my captors voice from behind ...

My head is thrust forward and the blindfold darkens my world once more.

My gag is being untied in the back and I gasp as it is pulled from my mouth.

As I do, a foul-tasting liquid is poured into my gaping mouth, followed by cold water ...

I gulp as fast as I can ... but the water pours out over my chest and down onto my tied frame ...

I gasp again, only to have metal ring inserted forcing my mouth open once again.

My senses whirl in a different way ...

"I don't want you losing your focus or your edge, my pet."

She moves to my ass, pulling the plug partly out, just enough to insert a syringe and empty its contents into me. Immediately the plug is replaced and tied tightly in place. 

My senses spin! 

As they do she unties my cock from the frame and I feel her wrapping something around the engorged shaft,

followed by something cold being inserted into my urethra ...

Once again she pulls my arms higher and tighter over my head stretching me to my limit.

"Don't want you moving too much .... you're not quite done ... but this ought to be fun!"

Once again the electrical torture in my ass begins to mount ... I cry out ... this time she raises the level one notch ...

Then the shocking sensation in my nipples begins ... again, she takes it a notch higher than before ...

I contort and squirm with each jolt ... she isn't done

I feel a new sensation ... more intense - more pleasurable and more painful at the same time ...

My cock begins to feel the current first on the outside ... but worse on the inside ... the cylinder she inserted into my urethra

is sending electric shock into my most sensitive area.

I contort and squirm as much as my bonds allow ...

"That's more like it! Try not to let your mind wander!"

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