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Infused and secured

Once infused, you release my ankles and tell me to release my wrists ... I stand and you lock my wrists behind my back with the instructions to go to the bathroom ... remove the large plug and relieve myself ... in the bathroom is a smaller plug (vibrator or electrical?) you tell me to insert the smaller one and come to the doorway where you attach my ankles to a spreader bar and my wrists to the overhead doorway. Once secure, you force the hook into me and tie it tight. You attach electrical clips to my nipples and tape them in place ... force me to drink the antidote ... (enough to make me feel everything) You turn on the clips and the plug and continue to add another bag of saline ... you ignore me except to recharge the electrical and maybe an occasional bump ... Once that is finished you tie me so that I can't get away and will be available for more torture whenever you wake up?

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