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A day and a half later and I am still saying "WOW!" Best Domination play I've ever had and I've had some good ones. Mistress Sinthia has every conceivable toy in her dungeon. She does not rush you, is kind and sweet, and LOVES what she is doing. I rolled in around midnight and she attacked me with her 11-incher, smiling the whole time at my slutty ass with my feet shackled up in the air - she has great moves. Then her apprentice, Olivia, gave it to me enthusiastically - smacking my ass and talking dirty - as I was completely shackled by my hands and feet. They treated me like such a little slut! There are other cool amenities when visiting Mistress Sinthia, one of them is she shares her favors with you. If you are looking for strap-on play, or other domination activities, I highly, highly recommend her. I know I will go back to see those two goddesses.

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